How Our Crack Filling Service Can Improve Your Commercial Location​

If your business's parking area has become cracked and showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time for crack repair. You will want to schedule a crack repair as soon as you begin noticing signs of wear, such as large cracks appearing or the damages will only continue to worsen. The larger the cracks and the more area damaged, the more expensive repairs will become. Preparing for crack repair is perhaps the most important part of the process. The cracks will need to be clean in order for the seal to adhere to the surface. There cannot be any weeds or debris left inside the cracks, as it will degrade further. Crack repair is best performed by professionals, such as MAC Stripping, who understand the best materials to use and how to use them properly. There are several benefits for a business to have crack repair done by a professional service to improve their location. Crack Repair Protects Against ErosionWhen there are unrepaired cracks in asphalt, water will get under its surface and begin to erode the foundation. Water trapped underneath the surface can also freeze and cause large areas of your parking lot to heave and crack even further. Unrepaired cracks also allow debris and dirt underneath the surface, making it possible for weeds to grow. Crack repair is essential to improving your commercial location as they will become potholes if left unfixed. This process will also save you money as it extends the life of your asphalt. Why Crack Repair is Needed on Asphalt SurfacesThere are a lot of reasons you may be seeing cracks appear on your asphalt surface. These cracks can be the result of poor foundations or not having an appropriate amount of asphalt. Too much asphalt or too thick of a layer is as bad as not having enough. Another cause for needing crack repair is the asphalt was not blended correctly when first installed. If not installed properly, it can crack when heavy vehicles cross over it, when there are freeze-thaw weather conditions, roots from trees growing from underneath, or several other issues. Commercial business owners need to perform crack repair annually as part of a maintenance program. Keeping up with cracks as they appear will improve the curb appeal of your storefront, prevent cracks from becoming expensive repairs, and for the safety of you, your employees, and your customers. MAC Striping assures our customers receive fair pricing and timely service for all crack repairs, as well as for striping, seal-coating, and pavement marking. We will get the job done cheaper, faster, and better than others in the industry. We are ready to perform the crack repair for your commercial location to ensure the quality of your asphalt surface and your business's safety. 

Increase Property Value With Parking Lot Striping​

You can make a lot of changes to your property that will increase its value, but the most important is parking lot striping. The entrance and the parking area in front of your business is the first impression a person will get of your business. If you allow it to become run-down, stained, cracked, or show any other signs of excessive wear, it will leave a bad first impression of you and your business. Parking lot striping will not only give your business a great curb appeal, but it will also increase the safety of your customers and increase your property's value. Benefits of Parking Lot StripingWhen you have your parking lot striped by a professional such as MAC Striping, your business receives a lot more benefits than just curb appeal. Parking lot striping definitely adds to your surface's cosmetic value, but it also makes it easier and safer for the public, your customers, to navigate through the lot. Maximize Your SpaceWith parking lot striping, you will maximize the area used for parking. Without stripes, customers tend to park wherever convenient, without regard to how many other vehicles may be entering the lot. Stripes define where to park and how, so you are able to get more use of your parking lot space. Ensure Efficient and Safe Traffic FlowParking lot striping also ensures an efficient and safe flow of traffic. Using arrows will direct traffic on how to enter and exit rows and how to enter and exit the lot. These directional arrows will avoid vehicle fender benders and prevent any backups in traffic when two vehicles meet but cannot pass. Safer for PedestriansThere is also more safety for pedestrians when you have parking lot striping. The stripes will tell people where to cross safely, and it alerts drivers that it is a pedestrian area, so they slow their speed. Insurance companies may even consider this a positive mark in your premiums as it will reduce your risk of liability. Parking Lot Striping Increases Your Property's ValueIt is human nature to judge a book by its cover. That judgment also applies to your business' exterior, meaning how it looks on the outside. If your front area, including your parking lot, is clean, well-managed, and organized with parking lot striping, it will say a lot about your store or business. Curb appeal will also increase the value of your property should you decide to sell. A run-down parking lot is not only an eyesore; it will shape a buyer's perception of you as a business owner. The condition of your parking lot and any lack of maintenance will be judged as your inability as a manager. An unattractive parking lot raises a red flag for potential resale values. MAC Striping is a team of marking and parking lot striping professionals who are able to complete your striping and other maintenance projects quickly and affordably. When you are ready to improve your business' appeal and increase the value of your property, MAC Striping is ready to make your life and your customers' lives easier and safer.

How Parking Lot Striping Can Streamline Your Restaurant's Drive-Thru​

If you want an organized flow of traffic through your drive-thru service, you need parking lot striping to show drivers how to proceed through the line. With both lines and arrows, you can smoothly have vehicles make their way around your restaurant and through the drive-up to order, pay, and pick up their food. Benefits of Parking Lot Striping for Your Drive-ThruHaving your drive-thru stripped will ensure only customers wishing to order from their vehicle drive through that area. Those just wanting to leave the parking lot will not be inclined to drive into this area, so it remains clear and open only for those placing and picking up orders from your window service. As a restaurant owner, you understand how a parking lot can sometimes become congested, especially at meal hours. You will want any drive-thru customers to have a clear path to the take-out service, away from those wishing to dine in. Why You Should Use Parking Lot Striping in Your Drive-ThruIf you do not have proper parking lot striping in your drive-thru, traffic could end up going the wrong direction through your parking area. The stripping in a drive-thru gives your customers clear instructions on where your drive-thru service is located, the direction they need to enter the area, and tells those not using the service to use an alternate route. Without parking lot striping in your drive-thru, customers can drive the wrong way around your building, block your parking lot entrance, and even possibly collide with other traffic. Parking lot striping not only enhances your drive-thru and makes it safer and more efficient, but this type of striping also benefits your entire parking area. Why Parking Lot Striping is Essential for Your RestaurantYour parking lot is the first impression of your business that a customer will receive. A well maintained and manicured parking lot can tell a person a lot about how you do business. This 'curb appeal' of a well maintained stripped parking lot is a feature everyone will notice and remember about your restaurant.When you apply parking lot striping to your parking area, you create a well-organized parking lot that will maximize your parking spaces. As a well-organized lot:Your customers know exactly which direction to driveIt is defined where your drive-thru service should goCustomers can see where to park, and will not take up more space than needed for their vehicleYou are able to designate parking spaces, such as for disabled patrons, order pick-up areas, or any other stripping required under the Americans Disabilities Act You will also make your parking lot safer for your customers as it will be clearly defined where traffic can drive and where pedestrians should walk. The parking lot striping will communicate the information drivers and pedestrians need to navigate your parking lot, which reduces your risk of liability for an accident occurring. MAC Striping specializes in applying initial parking lot striping and refreshing stripes you need re-done. We are here to ensure your traffic flow is efficient and safe and are committed to making your customer's experience in your drive-thru or your parking lot easier.​

Parking Lot Striping Regulations: What You Need To Know​

The striping done in parking lots is a bit more complicated than just slapping down some paint. These stripes require a lot of effort and planning to make sure they are convenient and safe for the people who will use the parking area. These stripes must also enhance the property owner's curb appeal and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local guidelines. If you are looking into parking lot striping, these are some regulations you need to know. Conditions Involved with Parking Lot StripingHaving stripes put into your parking lot area requires someone with the right equipment to place the stripes, and professional skills, including one who understands compliance issues. This professional should understand how the striping layout will impact your business and which paint to use in making the stripes. The right layout is important because:With the proper layout, you create more parking spaces and do not compromise your client's or customers' convenience or safety.Parking lot striping will direct traffic the right way. These stripes will either allow for one-way or two-way traffic flows. The flow of traffic has to be determined, which will be a safer way to go for your customers or clients. A professional striper will understand the different paints to use on different pavements. If your asphalt pavement has just been sealed or is new, the stripes will need to be water-based. If your parking lot is concrete, it should be striped with rubber-based paint. A professional striping service will also know when your stripes need redoing.Parking lot stripes must comply with ADA standards.Curb paintings are significantly important to your parking lot striping. Red paint is used where you do not want vehicles to park. Blue curbs typically represent parking for handicapped persons. A yellow curb is generally used where you want to allow a short park, such as for loading and unloading passengers.  Parking lot striping involves a lot of professional skill and should only be done by a service who understands the many needs and knows the ADA standards. What Are the ADA Standards for Parking Lot StripingThe ADA standards surrounding parking lot striping cover repaving, new pavements, restriping, or altering your parking lot area. These regulations make sure you have the minimum number of handicapped spaces, so you are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. These guidelines also apply to any obstacles between your entrance and accessible parking spaces. The ADA standards also state that it doesn't matter how many handicapped spaces you provide; your first space must meet van accessibility requirements. There are other accessible standards your parking lot striping service will need to know and follow when completing your striping project. Why You Need a Professional for Parking Lot StripingStriping machines apply visually appealing markings. This is the first impression a customer or client will get from your business. It takes experience to operate these machines to get the stripes to look proper. A lapse in attention can result in an error that is not easy or impossible to correct. Don't risk an imperfect job done on your parking lot striping. This visual representation of your business is important. It is also essential that you comply with all governmental regulations. You want this important job completed by experienced, knowledgeable professionals, like our team at MAC Striping! ​

The Importance of Parking Lot Striping​

If you are a business owner with a parking lot access to your door, it is important you provide striping in your lot area. This striping not only gives a sense of comfort and welcome to your customers, employees, or prospective tenants. The striping plays a significant role for your building in several ways. Compliance with ADAThe ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has strict requirements for commercial parking lots across the country. It is required that every commercial building offers a marked space for those who are handicapped. If you do not have stripes in your parking area, these areas can become confused with general parking spaces. You will be sure to be within ADA compliance if you stripe your parking lot and properly designate the handicapped spots. Parking Lot Striping Provides Security and SafetyParking lot striping provides the same safety and security measures for pedestrians in your parking area as the road signs do on a busy road. By marking the crosswalk areas that will stand out to drivers, you are reducing your risk of accidents happening on your company's property. Parking Lot Striping Guides TrafficParking lot striping is a significant safety measure to ensure the drivers in your parking lot are aware of where and which direction they should drive. It is easy for drivers to end up going the wrong way in a parking lot, but with striping, everyone will drive in the same direction reducing both accidents and confusion. Parking Lot Striping Increases Your Space for ParkingPerhaps one of the most significant advantages of striping your parking lot is how it will increase your space for parking. When there are no designated spaces to park, drivers tend to park, however, and wherever they want. This method of parking takes up more space and decreases the number of parking spaces you have for customers or clients.It can become challenging when you cannot control how visitors, customers, clients, or anyone parking in your parking area park their vehicles. When you have striping, it takes that challenge away and can even maximize the number of parking spaces you have available. Parking Lot Striping Makes Your Property Look More AppealingWhen a parking lot does not provide striping, it can make the property look gloomy, dull, or less cared for. Old or worn off striping can have the same effect. Striping in a parking lot will dull or wear off over time, so it is also essential that you redo your stripes occasionally to maintain the visual appeal of your building. When you place fresh yellow or white paint over your black parking area, it will make your property both eye-catching and welcoming. If it's time to refresh your park lot striping, or if you need a first time striping, you should contact a professional with the experience to do the job right. MAC Striping serves all of Massachusetts and will provide quality work to customize any parking lot. Parking lot striping is an essential cosmetic part of how your business looks to the public, don't take chances, contact MAC Striping, so your parking lot looks the best!​


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