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Increase Property Value With Parking Lot Striping​

You can make a lot of changes to your property that will increase its value, but the most important is parking lot striping. The entrance and the parking area in front of your business is the first impression a person will get of your business. If you allow it to become run-down, stained, cracked, or show any other signs of excessive wear, it will leave a bad first impression of you and your business.


Parking lot striping will not only give your business a great curb appeal, but it will also increase the safety of your customers and increase your property's value.


Benefits of Parking Lot Striping

When you have your parking lot striped by a professional such as MAC Striping, your business receives a lot more benefits than just curb appeal. Parking lot striping definitely adds to your surface's cosmetic value, but it also makes it easier and safer for the public, your customers, to navigate through the lot.


Maximize Your Space

With parking lot striping, you will maximize the area used for parking. Without stripes, customers tend to park wherever convenient, without regard to how many other vehicles may be entering the lot. Stripes define where to park and how, so you are able to get more use of your parking lot space.


Ensure Efficient and Safe Traffic Flow

Parking lot striping also ensures an efficient and safe flow of traffic. Using arrows will direct traffic on how to enter and exit rows and how to enter and exit the lot. These directional arrows will avoid vehicle fender benders and prevent any backups in traffic when two vehicles meet but cannot pass.


Safer for Pedestrians

There is also more safety for pedestrians when you have parking lot striping. The stripes will tell people where to cross safely, and it alerts drivers that it is a pedestrian area, so they slow their speed. Insurance companies may even consider this a positive mark in your premiums as it will reduce your risk of liability.


Parking Lot Striping Increases Your Property's Value

It is human nature to judge a book by its cover. That judgment also applies to your business' exterior, meaning how it looks on the outside. If your front area, including your parking lot, is clean, well-managed, and organized with parking lot striping, it will say a lot about your store or business.


Curb appeal will also increase the value of your property should you decide to sell. A run-down parking lot is not only an eyesore; it will shape a buyer's perception of you as a business owner. The condition of your parking lot and any lack of maintenance will be judged as your inability as a manager. An unattractive parking lot raises a red flag for potential resale values.


MAC Striping is a team of marking and parking lot striping professionals who are able to complete your striping and other maintenance projects quickly and affordably. When you are ready to improve your business' appeal and increase the value of your property, MAC Striping is ready to make your life and your customers' lives easier and safer.

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