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How Parking Lot Striping Can Streamline Your Restaurant's Drive-Thru​

If you want an organized flow of traffic through your drive-thru service, you need parking lot striping to show drivers how to proceed through the line. With both lines and arrows, you can smoothly have vehicles make their way around your restaurant and through the drive-up to order, pay, and pick up their food.


Benefits of Parking Lot Striping for Your Drive-Thru

Having your drive-thru stripped will ensure only customers wishing to order from their vehicle drive through that area. Those just wanting to leave the parking lot will not be inclined to drive into this area, so it remains clear and open only for those placing and picking up orders from your window service. As a restaurant owner, you understand how a parking lot can sometimes become congested, especially at meal hours. You will want any drive-thru customers to have a clear path to the take-out service, away from those wishing to dine in.


Why You Should Use Parking Lot Striping in Your Drive-Thru

If you do not have proper parking lot striping in your drive-thru, traffic could end up going the wrong direction through your parking area. The stripping in a drive-thru gives your customers clear instructions on where your drive-thru service is located, the direction they need to enter the area, and tells those not using the service to use an alternate route.


Without parking lot striping in your drive-thru, customers can drive the wrong way around your building, block your parking lot entrance, and even possibly collide with other traffic. Parking lot striping not only enhances your drive-thru and makes it safer and more efficient, but this type of striping also benefits your entire parking area.


Why Parking Lot Striping is Essential for Your Restaurant

Your parking lot is the first impression of your business that a customer will receive. A well maintained and manicured parking lot can tell a person a lot about how you do business. This 'curb appeal' of a well maintained stripped parking lot is a feature everyone will notice and remember about your restaurant.

When you apply parking lot striping to your parking area, you create a well-organized parking lot that will maximize your parking spaces. As a well-organized lot:

  • Your customers know exactly which direction to drive
  • It is defined where your drive-thru service should go
  • Customers can see where to park, and will not take up more space than needed for their vehicle
  • You are able to designate parking spaces, such as for disabled patrons, order pick-up areas, or any other stripping required under the Americans Disabilities Act


You will also make your parking lot safer for your customers as it will be clearly defined where traffic can drive and where pedestrians should walk. The parking lot striping will communicate the information drivers and pedestrians need to navigate your parking lot, which reduces your risk of liability for an accident occurring.


MAC Striping specializes in applying initial parking lot striping and refreshing stripes you need re-done. We are here to ensure your traffic flow is efficient and safe and are committed to making your customer's experience in your drive-thru or your parking lot easier.​

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