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Parking Lot Striping Regulations: What You Need To Know​

The striping done in parking lots is a bit more complicated than just slapping down some paint. These stripes require a lot of effort and planning to make sure they are convenient and safe for the people who will use the parking area. These stripes must also enhance the property owner's curb appeal and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local guidelines. If you are looking into parking lot striping, these are some regulations you need to know.


Conditions Involved with Parking Lot Striping

Having stripes put into your parking lot area requires someone with the right equipment to place the stripes, and professional skills, including one who understands compliance issues. This professional should understand how the striping layout will impact your business and which paint to use in making the stripes. The right layout is important because:

  • With the proper layout, you create more parking spaces and do not compromise your client's or customers' convenience or safety.
  • Parking lot striping will direct traffic the right way. These stripes will either allow for one-way or two-way traffic flows. The flow of traffic has to be determined, which will be a safer way to go for your customers or clients. 
  • A professional striper will understand the different paints to use on different pavements. If your asphalt pavement has just been sealed or is new, the stripes will need to be water-based. If your parking lot is concrete, it should be striped with rubber-based paint. 
  • A professional striping service will also know when your stripes need redoing.
  • Parking lot stripes must comply with ADA standards.
  • Curb paintings are significantly important to your parking lot striping. Red paint is used where you do not want vehicles to park. Blue curbs typically represent parking for handicapped persons. A yellow curb is generally used where you want to allow a short park, such as for loading and unloading passengers.


 Parking lot striping involves a lot of professional skill and should only be done by a service who understands the many needs and knows the ADA standards.


What Are the ADA Standards for Parking Lot Striping

The ADA standards surrounding parking lot striping cover repaving, new pavements, restriping, or altering your parking lot area. These regulations make sure you have the minimum number of handicapped spaces, so you are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. These guidelines also apply to any obstacles between your entrance and accessible parking spaces.


The ADA standards also state that it doesn't matter how many handicapped spaces you provide; your first space must meet van accessibility requirements. There are other accessible standards your parking lot striping service will need to know and follow when completing your striping project.


Why You Need a Professional for Parking Lot Striping

Striping machines apply visually appealing markings. This is the first impression a customer or client will get from your business. It takes experience to operate these machines to get the stripes to look proper. A lapse in attention can result in an error that is not easy or impossible to correct.


Don't risk an imperfect job done on your parking lot striping. This visual representation of your business is important. It is also essential that you comply with all governmental regulations. You want this important job completed by experienced, knowledgeable professionals, like our team at MAC Striping!


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