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The Importance of Parking Lot Striping​

If you are a business owner with a parking lot access to your door, it is important you provide striping in your lot area. This striping not only gives a sense of comfort and welcome to your customers, employees, or prospective tenants. The striping plays a significant role for your building in several ways.


Compliance with ADA

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has strict requirements for commercial parking lots across the country. It is required that every commercial building offers a marked space for those who are handicapped. If you do not have stripes in your parking area, these areas can become confused with general parking spaces. You will be sure to be within ADA compliance if you stripe your parking lot and properly designate the handicapped spots.


Parking Lot Striping Provides Security and Safety

Parking lot striping provides the same safety and security measures for pedestrians in your parking area as the road signs do on a busy road. By marking the crosswalk areas that will stand out to drivers, you are reducing your risk of accidents happening on your company's property.


Parking Lot Striping Guides Traffic

Parking lot striping is a significant safety measure to ensure the drivers in your parking lot are aware of where and which direction they should drive. It is easy for drivers to end up going the wrong way in a parking lot, but with striping, everyone will drive in the same direction reducing both accidents and confusion.


Parking Lot Striping Increases Your Space for Parking

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of striping your parking lot is how it will increase your space for parking. When there are no designated spaces to park, drivers tend to park, however, and wherever they want. This method of parking takes up more space and decreases the number of parking spaces you have for customers or clients.

It can become challenging when you cannot control how visitors, customers, clients, or anyone parking in your parking area park their vehicles. When you have striping, it takes that challenge away and can even maximize the number of parking spaces you have available.


Parking Lot Striping Makes Your Property Look More Appealing

When a parking lot does not provide striping, it can make the property look gloomy, dull, or less cared for. Old or worn off striping can have the same effect. Striping in a parking lot will dull or wear off over time, so it is also essential that you redo your stripes occasionally to maintain the visual appeal of your building. When you place fresh yellow or white paint over your black parking area, it will make your property both eye-catching and welcoming.


If it's time to refresh your park lot striping, or if you need a first time striping, you should contact a professional with the experience to do the job right. MAC Striping serves all of Massachusetts and will provide quality work to customize any parking lot. Parking lot striping is an essential cosmetic part of how your business looks to the public, don't take chances, contact MAC Striping, so your parking lot looks the best!​

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