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How Our Crack Filling Service Can Improve Your Commercial Location​

If your business's parking area has become cracked and showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time for crack repair. You will want to schedule a crack repair as soon as you begin noticing signs of wear, such as large cracks appearing or the damages will only continue to worsen. The larger the cracks and the more area damaged, the more expensive repairs will become.


Preparing for crack repair is perhaps the most important part of the process. The cracks will need to be clean in order for the seal to adhere to the surface. There cannot be any weeds or debris left inside the cracks, as it will degrade further. Crack repair is best performed by professionals, such as MAC Stripping, who understand the best materials to use and how to use them properly. There are several benefits for a business to have crack repair done by a professional service to improve their location.


Crack Repair Protects Against Erosion

When there are unrepaired cracks in asphalt, water will get under its surface and begin to erode the foundation. Water trapped underneath the surface can also freeze and cause large areas of your parking lot to heave and crack even further. Unrepaired cracks also allow debris and dirt underneath the surface, making it possible for weeds to grow. Crack repair is essential to improving your commercial location as they will become potholes if left unfixed. This process will also save you money as it extends the life of your asphalt.


Why Crack Repair is Needed on Asphalt Surfaces

There are a lot of reasons you may be seeing cracks appear on your asphalt surface. These cracks can be the result of poor foundations or not having an appropriate amount of asphalt. Too much asphalt or too thick of a layer is as bad as not having enough. Another cause for needing crack repair is the asphalt was not blended correctly when first installed. If not installed properly, it can crack when heavy vehicles cross over it, when there are freeze-thaw weather conditions, roots from trees growing from underneath, or several other issues.


Commercial business owners need to perform crack repair annually as part of a maintenance program. Keeping up with cracks as they appear will improve the curb appeal of your storefront, prevent cracks from becoming expensive repairs, and for the safety of you, your employees, and your customers.


MAC Striping assures our customers receive fair pricing and timely service for all crack repairs, as well as for striping, seal-coating, and pavement marking. We will get the job done cheaper, faster, and better than others in the industry. We are ready to perform the crack repair for your commercial location to ensure the quality of your asphalt surface and your business's safety. 

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